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Dev Kumar is the owner of the “Dev World House” a organization with the mission of create an impectful life of people across the globe.Our vision is to grow in the field of training and development, where we can add values in the lives of people and organizations.

More than one lakh people have transformed their lives and businesses and mindset by attending his programs.He is committed to the welfare of individuals, organizations and the overall society of the country, and he helps them to live a fantastic life.

Their mission is to help more and more people to achieve extreme performance in health, riveting, financial or career and in all the areas of life, which helps people to live a peaceful and prosperous life.



Power of Goal

This program is for those ambitions who want to move faster. By following the ideas and techniques mentioned in this program.

Maximize Productivity

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do, maybe it’s time to check-in with your time management skills.

Inner Transformation

If you are on a journey of inner transformation, these long-term techniques will help you look within yourself and achieve enlightenment.

What people says about

Dev World House

  • Dev Kumar is an excellent life coach and doing wonders. He is playing a vital role in my overall success and development. He is bound to change the world with his unique techniques and mentoring skills.

    Jayesh Patel
  • Thanks for giving a detailed seminar on the goals, You cleared many doubts from my minds and now I am clear how to set goals, hit goals and improving self confidence. You made execution really easy. Thank you!

    Meet Joshi
  • Your teaching method is easy to understand, practical and straightforward implementation, thank you so much for detailed seminar on the Power of Goal.

    Ajay Rathod


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